Club Description

The Fresno Cycling Club is a group of some 500+ cyclists who enjoy bicycling as recreation and sport. As a club we seek to offer cycling events and activities that span a spectrum of cycling interests. If you like your bike, FCC has a place for you! The FCC sponsors several major events each year: The infamous Climb to Kaiser, Bass Lake Power House Double Century, and others. Club rides are scheduled year round and range from novice level to 150 mile expert rides. We protect the rights of cyclists by following local, state, and national affairs as they concern cycling. Club members receive an electronic monthly newsletter listing ride schedules and other information of interest to cyclists. We hope you join us this year as a member! To do so, please complete this application and mail it to the above post office box, or register online at Your membership will be processed and you will be sent a confirmation email. Don't wait another minute! Join now! Welcome to the Fresno Cycling Club.

Membership Fees

Individual: Annual membership for an individual cyclist is $35.00*. This includes a one-year subscription to the e-mail version of the newsletter and participation in all club activities.

Family: Annual membership for members of an entire household $50.00*. This membership has the same rights, privileges, et cetera as individual membership. One e-mail copy of the newsletter will be received each month per household.

Additional Fees: If you wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter each month, there is a $20 additional fee per year.

Register online at - 


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*membership dues are non-refundable